This month is all about upgrades.

First up, you may not have noticed but DNS as a whole was upgraded the first of this month, to make it safer and faster. Meanwhile, later this month, .dev is launching! Upgrade your .dev order by buying in bulk. Next, we upgraded our domain management tool to include the Gandi Marketplace to help you connect your domain to third-party services. We also added Go Sitebuilder—an upgraded version of our previous Gandi Site service—as our first Marketplace option. Then, this month we also upgraded Gandi’s Simple Hosting language versions so you can use the most up-to-date version of the programming language of your choice.

And upgrade your domain name portfolio with some of the domains on promo listed in our Promo Roundup this month.

The Latest Gandi News:

  1. Were you ready for DNS Flag Day?
  2. Launching .dev!
  3. Gandi Marketplace is now open, with a promo on Go Sitebuilder!
  4. New versions and languages on Simple Hosting
  5. Promo roundup!

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1. Were you ready for DNS Flag Day?

On February 1, 2019, major DNS software and services rolled out new versions of their DNS systems which were compliant with the EDNS protocol.

This means that after February 1, major DNS software vendors have discontinued support for servers that have firewalls or DNS implementations that are not updated or have incorrectly implemented the EDNS standard.

To learn more, check out the ample explanation in our recent post on the topic.

Also be sure to check out the DNS Flag day website.

2. Launching .dev!

The .dev domain is almost here. Get between 10 and 30% off by buying several in one go.

To help you maximize your chances at getting the most .dev domains as possible, we’re offering an exclusive offer on bulk pre-registrations.

The new domain .dev will be available for $16.39 (in USD in grid A, not including Premium domains) for the first year once it enters General Availability in the GoLive release phase. We are offering a promotion in proportion to the number of domains you buy in one go:

  • 10% off 6-10 domain names
  • 20% off 11-15 domain names
  • 30% off 15 or more domains

Remember, once Sunrise (the phase for those with registered trademarks) ends, there are 10 days of the Landrush phase (with 10 distinct Early Access Period, or EAP, phases) before the GoLive date when General Availability begins.

Registering .dev domains, then, will be open to all starting February 28, 2019, but you can now pre-register a .dev domain in any phase now.

How to take advantage
You can pre-register your domain names in just a few clicks directly from our site.

Additional information 
This promo only works in the following circumstances:

  • six or more .dev domains are included in a single order
  • the account is on payment grids A, B, or C
  • the domains are not considered to be Premium by the registry
  • the domains are ordered in the General Availability phase only

As always, orders for pre-registered domains that cannot be fulfilled due to having been already registered, will be automatically credited back to your Gandi pre-paid account.

3. Introducing Gandi Marketplace, featuring Go Sitebuilder (and a promo!)

In the Gandi v5 design, we included plenty of components that we hope will change the way you use domains and hosting for the better. One of these ideas was the Marketplace—a catalog of applications that will allow you, eventually, to link your domain to virtually any service in just a few clicks.

Find out more about Go Sitebuilder and the Gandi Marketplace.

4. New versions and languages on Simple Hosting

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have already noticed us mention recently some programming language updates on our Simple Hosting platform.

We now support the following languages for new Simple Hosting instances:
  • PHP 7.3
  • Node.js 10
  • Python 3.7
  • Ruby 2.6

If you already have a Simple Hosting instance with the previous version of any of these languages installed, hang tight. We’ll be rolling out  the option to update the language from the Simple Hosting administration interface soon. If you want to get a head start and test your site’s compatibility with the new language, you can always get a test instance for 10 days or pay for just one month if you need longer than that to test. Do that from the Simple Hosting page on our site.

PS: Remember that if you’ve forgotten some of the steps for configuring your instance and managing your account, you can find the answers to whatever questions you may have on our support documentation.

5. Promo roundup!

The month of January has been full of good news when it comes to promos. In particular, since January first, we’ve offered a virtual cornucopia of promos on new domains registrations in .asia, .homes, .best, and .club but also on dozens of domains at Donuts and Radix.

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