It’s .me for you: on sale through June

04.01.2018 - written by

From .me to you: .me domains are on sale for $2.99 for the first year through June.

New rules for registering a .ie domain

03.22.2018 - written by

On 21 March 2018, .ie registration policies changed.


There’s no better time to buy .tickets

10.12.2017 - written by

Get .tickets from now until August 31, 2018 for just $25

Using your domain name in China

03.15.2018 - written by

We'd like to update you on some new regulations recently introduced by the MIIT (China's Ministry...


Shop for your .shop for six more months

01.01.2018 - written by

This .shop promo has been extended until June 30, 2018.


Celebrate freedom of the .press

05.01.2018 - written by

To celebrate Freedom of the Press, get your .press domain for $1.99 for the first two years.

Simple Hosting : our new platform is now live!

03.02.2018 - written by

Migration of our Simple Hosting service from our former data center, FR-SD2 is completed. We are ...


We’re predicting .cloud cover through June

09.16.2017 - written by

Long-range forecast: .cloud-y skies through June 2018, at $9.00 per .cloud.

How to choose a domain name? I. Consider your search engine ranking

02.21.2018 - written by

Your domain name choice can influence your search engine ranking, so you may want to consider SEO...

FR-SD2 datacenter: migration completed

02.16.2018 - written by

You have no doubt noticed over the course of the last couple of weeks an unusual number of disrup...