An update on the public API

Apr 22, 2021  - written by

Our public API is still technically in beta, but we've made a lot of progress on it in recent mon...


Get your .cfd domain names, now available in GoLive!

Apr 20, 2021  - written by

Now available at the standard price, .cfd is in the GoLive phase! Starting April 20 at 8:00 AM, ....

Price increase on .qpon

Apr 20, 2021  - written by

Register your .qpon before May 1, 2021 to take advantage of the best price!

Sync your DNS zones across multiple domains with Linked zones

Apr 16, 2021  - written by

While configuration templates allow you to apply DNS configurations to multiple domain names, it ...

With .brand, you have an opportunity to strengthen your digital str...

Apr 16, 2021  - written by

How to get a .brand, your personalized domain name extension, to create your own digital territor...

Now .cfd is in Landrush!

Apr 13, 2021  - written by

The Early Access Period for .cfd starts April 13 and goes through April 20, 2021 at 7:59 AM Pacific.

How to migrate your email mailbox to Gandi

Apr 12, 2021  - written by

You can now migrate your email to Gandi using our new Gandi Mailbox Migration tool.


Take advantage of this deal on 16 GRS domains all year!

Jan 8, 2021  - written by

Special promo on new domain names and transfers in 16 domains managed by the registry GRS from no...

Year-round promotion on .eu domains

Jan 5, 2021  - written by

As of January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021, .eu domain name creations will be only $6.00


All this year, .shop is on sale

Jan 5, 2021  - written by

Take advantage of this one year promo on .shop! You can register a .shop domain name for just $9....

Renew your domain(s) at Gandi in one click!

Apr 8, 2021  - written by

Your domain name is the basis of all your online services in their entirety. That's why renewing ...

Introductory offer: 50% off your website hosting and a free .fr dom...

Apr 7, 2021  - written by

A brand new bundle to help individuals and businesses develop their online presence: 50% off host...

Secure your important domain names with Advanced DNS

Apr 7, 2021  - written by

With Advanced DNS, you get a professional service with a service-level agreement to secure your s...

Why is renewing your domain important?

Mar 30, 2021  - written by

Renewing your domain name is essential for guaranteeing your site and email remain online. Make s...