Find your .charity, now in Sunrise

08.06.2018 - written by

Get a .charity domain today, now in the Sunrise phase.


GoLive for .llc domains

08.06.2018 - written by

Order your .llc for the GoLive phase now and we'll send the registration to the registry at 9:00 ...

Better spam protection in Gandi Mail

08.01.2018 - written by

We are happy to announce that we recently deployed a new anti-spam service on our mail servers.

Fun with Sieve rules

07.26.2018 - written by

Sieve lets you put more or less complex filter rules on the server side of your email mailboxes. ...


Half off .eu domains all year

03.08.2018 - written by

Through the end of the year, get your .eu domain for half price for the first year.

Phishing Alert

02.23.2018 - written by

A campaign attempting to steal your Gandi login details and bank account information is going on....

Changes in Gandi’s Private Domain Registration

07.11.2018 - written by

Following GDPR going into effect, we're making some changes to our Private domain registration.

Tip for 2018: get a .top

01.01.2018 - written by

This year is going to be tip top with a .top domain.

DNSSEC in one click

07.10.2018 - written by

You can now activate DNSSEC in one click using LiveDNS on Gandi v5.


Bend .me, shape .me anyway you want .me

01.01.2018 - written by

As long as you get a .me for just $12.00 it's alright.

Anticipated Cybersquatting, a growing trend.

07.04.2018 - written by

Adopt the right reflexes to optimize your brand protection.


Get your .app for 35% off this September

08.21.2018 - written by

Got an idea for a killer .app? Register it this September for just $14.95 for the first year.


Summer .cat promo

07.02.2018 - written by

From July 2 through August 25, .cat domains are just $5.00 for the first year.


Summer sale of .london

07.01.2018 - written by

It's summer and .london is on sale!