A promo to the power of ten

Jan 15, 2019  - written by

Need a domain? These ten domains are on promo throughout all of 2019.


Get .me for $9.99 all year

Jan 1, 2019  - written by

You can get .me domains all throughout 2019 for just $9.99!

In 2019, .xyz is $2.99 for the first year

Jan 1, 2019  - written by

Get your .xyz domain in 2019 for $2.99 for the first year.

Gandi is attending Cloud Expo Asia 2019

May 14, 2019  - written by

On May 22 and 23, Gandi will be attending Cloud Expo Asia 2019 in Hong Kong. If you're coming, do...

Using IP restriction to help secure your account

May 8, 2019  - written by

IP restriction can help secure your online accounts. Find out when to use it and how.

Mass manipulation and platform privacy: where we’re at

May 6, 2019  - written by

Why the protection of social media platforms is becoming the major challenge this century.

Five .inc-entives to register a .inc domain

Apr 30, 2019  - written by

On April 30, .inc entered the next phase in its release—the Early Access Period. Here are five re...

Restrictions on .uk domains ending 26 June

Apr 29, 2019  - written by

Since 2014, .uk domains have been restricted to owners of the corresponding,, or ....


Here’s our .best domain name deal

Apr 2, 2019  - written by

Whatever makes you the .best, show the world with a .best domain for just $3.99 for the first yea...

So many vacant .jobs!

Apr 27, 2019  - written by

Get .jobs, now open to all at Gandi.

Gandi Corporate Services is attending this year’s INTA meeting!

Apr 25, 2019  - written by

Our team will be presenting Gandi's global domain name management and online brand protection ser...

Gandi Supports Earth Day

Apr 22, 2019  - written by

Happy Earth Day! Today we celebrate the only home we've ever known. Read how Gandi fights to prot...

Gandi at EFF Tech Trivia night

Apr 20, 2019  - written by

Gandi supported and participated in EFF's third annual Tech Trivia Night. Do you know which contr...

A little bit of .realestate for all!

Apr 17, 2019  - written by

You now no longer have to be a real estate agent to own a .realestate domain name. It's open to e...