AdultBlock, a new protection service

Oct 3, 2019  - written by

Block new domain name registrations linked to a brand name or trademark in four domains associate...

Price adjustment at Donuts

Oct 1, 2019  - written by

Donuts modified the pricing for 225 extensions of its portfolio

Now .vote and .voto domains are open to everyone

Sep 30, 2019  - written by

Long reserved for those with links to official democratic and political institutions, .vote and ....

Fall-time sale on Donuts domains

Oct 14, 2019  - written by

From October 1 through January 1, 2020, sixteen Donuts domains are on sale.

Exporters: detect micro-incidents and improve storage performance

Sep 27, 2019  - written by

Ganesha and CTLD exporters let you more quickly and easily detect local problems

Premium domains for .corsica

Sep 25, 2019  - written by

Now .corsica is available in Premium.

Get a .alsace domain for 80% off

Sep 3, 2019  - written by

Register your .alsace domain for for the first year and $53.09 for every year after that.


Get .ink this Fall

Sep 2, 2019  - written by

From September 1 through December 31, 2019, .ink domain names are on sale for $10.00 for the firs...


Get ready for .blackfriday now!

Sep 2, 2019  - written by

From September 1 through December 31, 2019, you can register a .blackfriday domain name for $15.0...

Let’s celebrate holiday season this year with .Christmas!

Sep 2, 2019  - written by

In preparation for Christmas, from September 1 to December 31, 2019 .christmas domains are on sal...

Extending the promo on .design

Aug 21, 2019  - written by

A new .design domain for $10!


More than 30% off .sc

Jul 24, 2019  - written by

Get a .sc domain name for $62 for the first year, until December 31.

Summer vacation in .taipei?

Jul 1, 2019  - written by

Chance to get a .taipei domain for just NT$299 until December 31 2019!

Gandi Supports Framasoft

Sep 10, 2019  - written by

Gandi is joining the list of Framasoft's sponsors. The association is also integrating the catalo...