Phishing Alert

02.23.2018 - written by

A campaign attempting to steal your Gandi login details and bank account information is going on.


Simple Hosting S+SSL for the price of S

08.20.2018 - written by

All month, secure your sites hosted on a Simple Hosting instance with an SSL certificate for the ...

Tip for 2018: get a .top

01.01.2018 - written by

This year is going to be tip top with a .top domain.


Bend .me, shape .me anyway you want .me

01.01.2018 - written by

As long as you get a .me for just $12.00 it's alright.

Price increase on .biz domain names

11.05.2018 - written by

Prices on .biz domains are increasing starting November 12, 2018 due to a change at the registry.

Welcome, Cloudflare Registrar!

09.28.2018 - written by

Yesterday, Cloudflare announced they'll be launching a new domain name registrar.