How to fight DNS hijacking

Jul 25, 2019  - written by

What is DNS hijacking and how can you fight it? We delve into a high-profile DNS hijacking attack...

Why you should get a geographic domain name

Jul 25, 2019  - written by

Gandi's local presence (Trustee) service lets you register a domain name in certain geographic do...

End of Support for Ubuntu 14 LTS: update your Gandi Cloud server!

Jul 25, 2019  - written by

With support ending for Ubuntu 14 LTS it's time to update your Gandi Cloud server. Find out how w...

It’s here: .madrid!

Jul 18, 2019  - written by

To promote your products and services linked to Madrid, register a .madrid domain name now!

Now you see only .me!

Jul 17, 2019  - written by

Promotion on .me extended until December 31, 2019.

Cybersecurity of IoT: challenges for freedoms

Jul 15, 2019  - written by

The theme of the eigth "Agora du FIC" was “50 billion connected objects in 2020: the stakes of se...

Debian Buster (10) available on Gandi servers

Jul 15, 2019  - written by

A new version of Debian was launched July 6.

Why do phishing attacks still work?

Jul 15, 2019  - written by

Phishing isn't new. In fact, it's been around for about as long as the internet has. So why do ph...