Eight domains on promotion starting today!

May 26, 2020  - written by

The Q2 promotion from Donuts registry starts today! Eight domains are on sale from now until Sept...

Share Gandi products and manage permissions

May 21, 2020  - written by

The best, and most secure, way to collaborate on managing something as valuable as your domain na...

What’s a premium domain name?

May 19, 2020  - written by

What does it mean that a domain is categorized as "Premium"? And why? Can you still buy it?


The .cyou domain is in Sunrise

May 20, 2020  - written by

As of May 14, 2020 at 14:00 UTC, .cyou domain names are available to register in the Sunrise phas...

Don’t let your domain expire, use automatic renewal

May 15, 2020  - written by

Sometimes you miss that critical domain name renewal date. That’s why Gandi offers an automatic r...

Have an expert manage your domain

May 12, 2020  - written by

When it comes to managing your domain, you have a choice – manage your domain yourself, or have a...

Gandi supports Opscidia

May 8, 2020  - written by

Opscidia, the platform dedicated to free and open publication of scientific research ruffles feat...

What do you need out of your CMS?

May 8, 2020  - written by

Before you start comparing your options for CMSes, you should try to understand your needs. We're...

Here’s What To Do When Your Business Stagnates

May 1, 2020  - written by

A lull in business can be quite disheartening and frustrating but as a bold and adventurous entre...

Don’t touch my .org!

May 6, 2020  - written by

ICANN has now officially rejected the request to sell .org to the investment fund Ethos Capital!

Learn to code with Django Girls Paris

May 7, 2020  - written by

Gandi supports the Django Girls Paris organization in order to support the development of women i...

Happy 3rd birthday .art! Special pricing and the release of 9000+ r...

May 6, 2020  - written by

Happy birthday .art! You can get your .art domain for just $10.47 for the first year, or get one ...

Activate DNSSEC in one click

May 5, 2020  - written by

DNSSEC is a protocol that allows you to sign responses to DNS queries in order to ensure the inte...