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Feb 1, 2021  - written by

From February 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021, get your .osaka domain for just $18.99 for the firs...


Start your .blog for nearly 75% off

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Through June 30, promote yourself with .blog for just $9.99 (standard price $38.35) for the first...

Can you “steal” SEO by registering an expired domain?

Dec 28, 2020  - written by

Google's webmaster trends analyst recently discussed how Google treats expired domains that have ...

Now .contact is in Landrush!

Dec 1, 2020  - written by

From December 2 at 8 AM Pacific to December 9 at 7:59 AM Pacific, .contact in the Early Access (L...

Test our new OpenStack based servers in Beta

Jan 26, 2021  - written by

We're looking for testers for the new cornerstone of our Cloud solutions.

Gandi partners with the school ESGI

Jan 22, 2021  - written by

The first collaboration with students from ESGI: a back-office for our coming Gandi Social Club s...

Securing and managing domain names: how Gandi allows businesses to ...

Feb 19, 2021  - written by

Find out all about how Gandi helps businesses to carry out ANSSI's recommendations for aquiring, ...

SSL Certificates: What they are, why you should use one, and how to...

Jan 20, 2021  - written by

As security becomes a greater priority for more and more web users, browsers and website owners a...

Price increase on .berlin on March 1, 2021

Feb 1, 2021  - written by

Renew your .berlin before March 2021 to get the best rates possible for as long as possible.


Now in EAP — .beauty, .hair, .skin, .makeup, and .quest

Feb 10, 2021  - written by

Until March 2, 2021, .beauty, .hair, .skin, .makeup, and .quest.

Both .makeup and .quest are now open to all

Dec 1, 2020  - written by

Starting December 1, .makeup and .quest will be open to all. Be sure to properly anticipate whate...