Uniregistry Price Increase

Sep 15, 2017  - written by

As previously announced in March, as of September 8, prices on sixteen TLDs managed by Uniregistr...

Significant Price Increase on 16 TLDs

Mar 7, 2017  - written by

Sixteen TLDs managed by Uniregistry will be seeing significant price increases in August.

Get your .audio, .hiphop, .guitars on sale this month

Aug 25, 2016  - written by

Same great sound, less noise with .audio, .hiphop and .guitars all on sale this month.

GoLive: .audio, .hiphop, .juegos

Sep 3, 2014  - written by

.audio, .claims, .credit, .creditcard, .gratis, .hiphop and .juegos are going live at 9am PDT on ...

Sunrise: .audio, .hiphop, .juegos

Jun 12, 2014  - written by

Three new gTLDs are in the house.