The Great Annual Radix Promo

01.01.2018 - written by

Ten TLDs from Radix are on sale all through 2018.


Get a professional website for less than a dollar

09.01.2017 - written by

Get your professional website a .pw domain for $0.49 through the end of the year.


It’s a festival of Radix domain creations and renewals

07.01.2017 - written by

Great deals abound on Radix domain creations and renewals, including promos on .tech, .online, .s...

Radix Registry promo for the new year

12.31.2016 - written by

A great promo for 2017 from Radix, registry for .tech, .online, .store, and more

Radix Registry promo to be thankful for

11.16.2016 - written by

What are you thankful for this year? If you've been thinking about buying one of these TLDs, you'...

Eight extensions on promotion

07.01.2016 - written by

It's Christmas in July, or Winter Holidays in July to be inclusive. Eight Radix TLDs are on promo...

GoLive! .pw

04.09.2016 - written by

The password is: "Professional." For a $0.99 .pw domain (no actual password required).

Get a new .pw this February for 99 cents

01.30.2016 - written by

For passwords, professional web and Palaos, there's .pw: just $0.99 this month.

.pw, .space, .website, .site

09.02.2015 - written by

First-year registrations for .space, .website, .site and .pw are only from now until September 30...