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.HK domains available

Gandi does not just limit its development of new extensions to European countries. If we get many requests for a particular extension and if it does not have major conditions along with it, then we will be happy to add it.

This extension is open to everyone, though you will be asked for a contact ID number for each owner contact

, depending on the type of the account. Individuals will need to provide their passport number; companies, associations, and public organizations will need to enter their business or association registration number.

.HK domains are available for €24 (£22, $35) excl. VAT under A rates. Note that transferring a .HK domain is more expensive (€60, $99, £60 excl. VAT) than a creation, though it adds a year to the expiration date.

You can see all .HK prices here


More information on the extension can be found here.