Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


A new Ubuntu distribution, code-named Lucid Lynx, is currently available in you server creation interface. Please note that it is signed LTS, which means that it will be maintained by Ubuntu until April 2010.

For those that are already working on version 9.10 of Ubuntu (Kernel 2.6.27) and would like to update their server, here is the procedure:

It is necessary to change the “karmic” entries into “lucid” in “/etc/apt/sources.list” and then update the medias: “apt-get update” then update the system by “apt-get dist-upgrade”.

To reboot, it is necessary to change the file /etc/fstab by adding the folling line: dev /dev tmpfs rw 0 0

Other modifications are also possible:

* Deactivate the processor’s frequency updater “update-rc.d -f ondemand remove”
* Comment on the entry that corresponds to “xconsole” in /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf
* Delete (or move) the following files:
– /etc/init/hwclock*conf
– /etc/init/plymouth*conf
– /etc/init/console-setup*conf
– /etc/init/ureadahead*conf

Finally, reboot your server.