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.COM/.NET transfers at $7.50

To celebrate the new domain name transfer system, we are lowering prices on .com and .net domain transfers.

Until March 31st 2011, all .com and .net domain transfers are $7.50 (£5, or €6) excl. VAT in all price rates.

As a reminder, in order to transfer a .com/.net you must:

* unblock your domain at your current provider (more),
* obtain your auth code from your current provider (more),
* go to Gandi’s transfer interface and launch the transfer with you auth code,
* reply to the confirmation emails that you get (more),
* wait approximately 5 days for the transfer to be completed.

During the transfer, you will now have the possibility of choosing your contacts (including the owner), and adding new DNS (or keeping the existing ones).

The transfer of a .COM or .NET domain adds a year to the current expiration date of your domain name.