2nd level on sale!

CentralNic, the registry that specializes in second-level unofficial country code domains (ccTLD), is having a promo on 9 extensions that are available at Gandi. Here is the list:

  •     .CN.COM (China)
  •     .GB.COM (Great Britain)
  •     .GB.NET (Great Britain)
  •     .GR.COM (Greece)
  •     .HU.COM (Hungary)
  •     .QC.COM (Quebec)
  •     .SE.COM (Sweden)
  •     .SE.NET (Sweden)
  •     .ZA.COM (South Africa)

They are all offered at a unique price of $6 (€5) exc. VAT per year. This promo is only valid for domain creations that are for a single year and done between October 1st and December 31st 2012.

Search for a domain in one of these extensions below: