If you purchased at least one product or service from us in the last 12 months, you now have the opportunity to test Gandi Simple Hosting free of charge with no restriction on the instance type or size.  Yes, that’s right – no restriction!

If at the end of the 5 days you liked the experience and want to keep using your instance, all you need to do is renew it, selecting the size and subscription length you want.

If you prefer to choose another product, simply let the trial terminate.  The date is set by default at creation day + 5 days, so there really is no charge (and no hidden charges).

Here’s a tip: If you just registered a domain with Gandi for the first time, don’ t forget that a -50% coupon off a one year subscription to Simple Hosting is waiting in your Gandi interface (look under Billing/Promos).
If that’s you, you are welcome to use this coupon to renew your instance at the end of your 5 day free trial (note that you will need to select 1 year of Simple Hosting to validate this offer).

Now, how do you get to the 5 gratis days? Nothing easier : go to the simple hosting page, and create the instance using the pack and size you would like to try. After we identify you, our system will check if you qualify for a 5 day trial and will automatically update your purchase amount to “zero”.

Note that this offer applies to Gandi customers who do not own a Simple Hosting instance yet and is limited to 1 trial per person.