Sunrise Tuesdays, 28 Jan: .coffee, .florist, .house, .international, and .solar

The General Availability period for the first new TLDs is only a week away, and the rhythm of weekly Sunrise openings is in full swing. Today, the Donuts registry is offering us a bouquet of 5 new TLDs, with promises of two more next week. 

And so today, Tuesday, 28 January, we welcome our five new friends:

This particularly interesting set of extensions is already available for pre-registration (or for conversion, if you’ve already made pre-reservations).

Next Tuesday, the Sunrise phase will begin for the following two newcomers.

You can already pre-reserve these two new TLDs using the links above.

Rendez-vous here next Tuesday for the big day!

What now?

  • Pre-registrations can be managed from the Orders in Progress page of your Gandi account. (Pre-reservations are also on your Orders in Progress page, under the Pre-reservations tab.)
  • For more information on the new TLDs in general, see this page.
  • Questions? Ask us at @gandibar on Twitter (link opens in a new window).

Note: The French version of this post can be found here.