.CEO available for registration

The new .CEO extension is entering Sunrise today, where it will remain until March 11th. The Landrush phase will follow, from 17 to 24 March.

General availability is scheduled for March 28th, 2014.

The primary purpose of this extension is apparently to verify the domain owner’s status as a real CEO, where he or she can be free to express their views and opinions without worrying about those troublesome parody social media accounts. It’s apparently short for “Credible. Exceptional. Official.” and will help with “branding the cult of the CEO.” Also, .ceo is, and we quote, “The only address on the internet to convey Authority and Power.” Well, we think .guru would beg to differ!

The Sunrise price of this new gTLD will be $258.68 USD, which includes the Sunrise application as well as 2 years of registration.

During Landrush and General Availability, the price will be $89.68 per year.

Similar domains registered during Sunrise or Landrush will be subject to an auction organized by the Registry.

For more information, see the .ceo TLD info page.