Wednesday 5 March, we got .photos

At exactly 8am (PST) this Wednesday, 5 March (that’s 2014-03-05T16:00:00+00:00 for you UTC fans), .photos, .careers, .recipes and .shoes will become open for registration by the public at regular rates.

It’s not uncommon for the tubes to get a little clogged at the beginning of a new gTLD’s General Availability, so we warmly (it’s the season) invite you to pre-register before the gate opens. That way, you can be in the first group sent to the Registy and our NOCs won’t be so jumpy.

Here’s the link to the pricing page for each extension, accompanied by the price of a one-year registration at A rates:

Help us announce these new extensions on Twitter: the author of the wittiest tweet* promoting one of the four new extensions above will get a free domain name under that extension (provided the domain you want is actually available and you meet the Registry’s requirements).

Don’t forget to link to this article and to mention @gandibar. You have 24 hours. Surprise us!

Click this big button right here –>

* … and guess who gets to define “witty”? That’s right, we do!