Sunrise Tuesdays, 29 April: .SERVICES

It’s an unusual Donuts Tuesday in that only a single new gTLD is becoming available today: .services.

The new extension has just entered the Sunrise phase. As usual, only TMCH trademark holders can register domains during this phase, but anyone can submit a Landrush or GoLive pre-registration, which we will submit for you at the beginning of the corresponding phase.

During Sunrise, which lasts until 28 June 2014, a .services registration will cost $158.68 at A rates.

General Availability (a.k.a. GoLive) begins 9 July, after which the price of registration for a single year will cost $38.34 at A rates.

If you’re really determined to get a given .services domain, but don’t hold a trademark, you can register during the 3-day Landrush, which lasts from 6 to 9 July, for $178.68.


[Pre-]register a .services domain?