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Incident affecting GandiMail and DNS provisioning

As previously reported, an incident on our database infrastructure caused misbehavior on our GandiMail and DNS provisioning services.


  • Difficulties accessing GandiMail mailboxes caused by random authentication failures
  • Delayed creation of new GandiMail mailboxes
  • DNS provisioning was not effective until 10am PDT


  • Wednesday, 8 May 10pm PDT: A bug in our infrastructure caused a database slowdown, causing some operations to stall.
  • Thursday, 12pm PDT: The problem was acknowledged, delayed by human error
  • 1am PDT: GandiMail performance issues due to random login failures
  • 10am PDT: DNS provisioning reestablished

Full functionality of GandiMail is expected to be restored by 12:30am PDT.