Sunrise Tuesdays: .LONDON

Joining the ranks of the most in-demand geographic extensions (with .NYC, .PARIS and .BERLIN), .LONDON is doing things a bit differently. Its Sunrise phase will happen at the same time as the Landrush phase, resulting in what the Registry is calling a “Priority Period” which will last until 31 July 2014.

During this period, registration requests will be prioritized by the registry in the following order:

  • TMCH trademark holders,
  • registrants with a postal address in London who have rights to the term they wish to register,
  • individuals or businesses with physical addresses in London, and finally
  • those with an interest in the city of London.

The Dot London registry will send all non-Sunrise registrants a declaration form to determine which category you belong in, and thus which priority your registration request will have. For more information on this “Limited Registration Period,” see the Registry’s official site or this explanatory document (PDF).

General Availability, AKA GoLive, is scheduled to begin on 9 September 2014. As usual, you can pre-register at the GoLive price anytime before then, and we’ll submit your order at the earliest possible moment.

During the Priority Period, registration of a .london domain will cost $174.24 (£120.63) as a Sunrise registration, or $55.23 (£38.24) as a Landrush registration. Once GoLive begins, registrations will cost $55.23 (£38.24). (Prices above reflect A rates without VAT; see the .london pricing page for details.)

Lastly, if your Gandi account is associated with a postal address in London, you’ll find a coupon for 20% off on your promo code page! (new window)


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