.wtf, .fail, .financial and .limited

Two newcomers are elbowing their way into the list of the more colorful new gTLDs: .fail and .wtf.

Is this an ill-fated attempt to capitalize on those new-fangled meme things the internets keep referring to? A free-speech zone where shock and bafflement can be candidly expressed by all? Only time will tell.

In other, slightly more boring news, .financial and .limited are entering Sunrise as well. Businessfolk, go to town.

Here’s the list of all four new extensions, accompanied by links to the TLD pricing pages as well as Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability (GoLive) prices, all at A rates:

  • .FAIL $158.68 | $178.68 | $38.34
  • .FINANCIAL $171.68 | $191.67 | $63.04 
  • .LIMITED $158.68 | $178.68 | $38.34
  • .WTF $158.68 | $178.68 | $38.34


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