Sunrise: Livin’ for the .city

Another new gTLD is entering the Sunrise phase: .city will cost $154.93 during the Sunrise phase, which lasts until 27 September.

During Landrush, which will last from 5 to 8 October, the price will be $174.93.

GoLive begins 8 October at 9am PDT (16:00 UTC), after which a .city will cost $25.04 (A rates).

About the Sunrise phase:

Remember, the Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Contact our corporate support team if you have (or would like us to help you get) a TMCH-registered trademark in order to register one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise. If you are not among the trademarked, you can still pre-register for the Landrush or GoLive phases. We’ll submit your order at the earliest possible moment – as soon as your chosen phase begins – for the best chance of success.

About the GoLive phase:

Note: You don’t need to wait until GoLive begins to register your domain: we strongly encourage you to pre-register now. We will then submit the order on your behalf at the earliest possible moment, in the order they are received. As always, if the registration is not successful, we will automatically refund your prepaid account (and will refund to your external funding source upon request).


Register a .city?: