The .paris TLD will first be released in Sunrise to five groups, by order of priority (9 September to 11 November):

  • Priority 1: Classic TMCH Sunrise
  • Priority 2: Public institutions in the Île-de-France region
  • Priority 3: Trademarks and geographic names
  • Priority 4: Companies and associations
  • Priority 5: Landrush

In other words, .paris domains are available to any interested party, but priority is given to physical and moral persons with a good-faith presence in or connection to the Parisian region at the moment (and for the whole duration) of registration.

During this phase, .paris domains will be available at the rate of $336.39.

.paris is scheduled to enter the General Availability phase on 2 December 2014 at the price of $52.00.

For details, see the .paris TLD info page.