Price increase for .CH and .LI

Following the deregulation of the Swiss Franc (CHF) by the Swiss Central Bank, the exchange rate with other currencies has experienced a major and highly-criticized change (+20%!).

This decision is not without consequences for companies purchasing products from Switzerland. In our case, this effects the extensions operated by the Swiss registry SWITCH which manages the .CH and .LI extensions.

This is why, in accordance with our contract, we are forced to apply an increase of €1.50 excl. VAT per year for .CH domains, as well as an increase of €2 excl. VAT per year for .LI domains in all price rates.

This increase takes effect immediately.

We will be monitoring the exchange rate over the next few weeks, and if it turns out that the currency returns to a more “normal” value, we will adapt our price accordingly.

Additionally, please note that for the first quarter of the year, we are going to be working on the integration of our catalogue into Swiss Francs, so that our Swiss customers are not penalized.

Finally, we want to remind you that simultaneously with this financial issue, the registry, SWITCH, will be totally stopping its activity as a registrar and releasing all the .CH and .LI domains that they administer. Several months ago we started a .CH and .LI transfer campaign to Gandi, accompanied by a promotion. This is still vaid, though updated of course with regards to the current news mentioned above.