Sunrise: .alsace

The first written reference to the Easter Bunny was in Georg Fanck von Franckenau’s 1682 De vois paschalibus referring to an Alsatian legend of a hare delivering eggs for Easter and perhaps it was a domain bunny who dropped .alsace into our basket.

As with most geographic gTLDs, .alsace has its own registration requirements, most notably when it comes to the owner of the domain, though for .alsace these requirements are not as strict as for others.

To register a .alsace, you need to either live in Alsace (Haut-Rhin or Bas-Rhin departments) OR participate in some personal, professional, commercial or cultural activity in Alsace OR have a direct or indirect link to Alsace (economic, social, historical or other).

Unlike most new gTLDs, .alsace has 5 distinct phases instead of just three, and with the exception of the Golive phase, all of them run concurrently from January 19 until March 20, 2015.

Here are the phases in order of priority:

  •  Sunrise: reserved for those who have a trademark registered with TMCH (and a corresponding SMD file). Price: $405.01.
  • Landrush Priority 1 (LRP1): reserved for those who have an INPI, an OHMI or a WIPO trademark. Price: $132.03.
  • Landrush Priority 2 (LRP2): reserved for companies with their primary or secondary offices located in the Haut-Rhin or Bas-Rhin departments. Price: $132.03.
  • Landrush: reserved for anyone who can satisfy the eligibility criteria or who qualifies for any of the three above phases. Price: $132.03.

Our system doesn’t distinguish between LRP1 and LRP2 or just a Landrush. Since these are all rolling out at the same time and will be invoiced for the same price, you should select Landrush for any of the three Landrush phases. You will nonetheless be asked to provide verification of your elibility and upon receipt of this verification you will be assigned to the appropriate phase.


The .alsace extension becomes generally available, for all who meet the requirements, on April 7 at 6:00 AM PST at a price of $66.16.

All above-listed prices are at A rates.


Register a .alsace?