GoLive! .osaka

The geographic extension for one of the world’s great port cities, Osaka, is now entering the GoLive phase. Say it out loud with us: “Osaka. Osaka. Osaka.” Doesn’t it just make you start dreaming of takoyaki or battera with refreshing Osaka sake strolling along the Dōtonbori canal at night with those flashing neon lights? If you have the same fantasy as us (or if you live it!), then a .OSAKA domain might be for you.

To qualify for a .OSAKA domain, you need to either be a resident of the prefecture of Osaka, either as a natural person, a company, or one of the communes in the Osaka prefecture or have a direct or indirect link with the prefrecture of Osaka.

The GoLive price of a one-year registration will be $47.82 at A rates.


Register a .osaka?