GoLive! .coach, .legal, .memorial, .money

We know that for years you’ve been searching for the way to honor your beloved high school track coach but haven’t found quite the right way to truly give her her due. Those days of searching are over, friends. You can now immortalize your venerable leader for all time (and by “all time” we mean between 1 and 10 years) with a .coach domain for $63.04 for a one-year creation at A rates.

Are you suffering from mesothermohypolioma? Were you injured in a horsing accident that wasn’t your fault? We don’t have green leather chair or a wall of legal books behind us, but may we suggest a .legal domain? Available for $63.04 for a one-year creation at A rates.

On a more serious note, as we lead lives that are more and more digitized and online, our ways of dealing with grief have followed us online, whether for a pet, a dear friend, a relative or a whole community or nation In that spirit, the new gTLD .memorial is entering GoLive at a price of $63.04 for a one-year creation at A rates.

Finally, we have .money, the new root domain of all evil. And (unlike, say, .rich) you don’t have to be a billionaire to afford it. Just $38.34 for a one-year creation at A rates.

These new gTLDs will enter the GoLive phase on Wednesday, March 11 at 9 a.m. PST.

The list is below, accompanied by the corresponding prices of a one-year registration, all at A rates:


Register a domain under one of these TLDs?: