Updates and releases

Price increase for .INFO and .ORG

The old gTLS registries have started to make this something of a habit, raising their prices in turn.

2015 was no exception to the rule, with a price increase of approximately 10%. The first one to rise will be .INFO, which will go from €12.57 to €14 excl. VAT under A rates, on May 1st.

Concerning .ORG, this extension’s price will increase on August 1st, going from €12.97 to €14 excl. VAT for creations for one year.

There are other price modifications for other operations tied to these extensions, such as transfers, renewals, and restorations. These new prices will also take effect on the extensions’ respective price change date. Here is a recap of these new prices, for A rates:

As of May 1st for .INFO, and August 1st for .ORG:

creation: €14 excl. VAT/year
renewal: €14.46 excl. VAT/year
transfer: €11 excl. VAT
restoration: €101.03 excl. VAT

As we like to advice our customers in this type of situation, please don’t hesitate to renew your “key” domains before the increase. Keep in mind that both .INFO and .ORG can be registered for up to 10 years.