GoLive! .sucks

Another New gTLD Is entering the Golive.sucks.

This extension is special. It’s for everything that sucks. Of course, plenty of things fit into this category. For example, waiting in line at the DMV sucks, people getting so close to you they are literally breathing on your neck on public transit sucks, putting your hand under a table top and touching someone’s used gum sucks, and getting a paper cut sucks. Now you and like-minded people can express their frustration about these kinds of things with a .sucks domain for only $253.10 per year at A-rates.

On the other hand, if you are the DMV, a chronic neck-breather, a tabletop gum depositor or a paper manufacturer specializing in Grade A meat-slicing paper, you might want to register your .sucks domain just to keep someone else from doing so, or to give those people for whom your product… sucks… a place to let you know about it so you can make it suck less.

Register a .sucks?