Sunrise: .tech

Now announcing a new gTLD just for the tech community : .tech. You know who you are: inventive, experimental, risk-taking and open to try anything.  With a .tech domain you can underscore your love and passion for all things tech.

Here’s how it will happen:

First, there will be a Sunrise phase, which will begin next Monday, May 25 at 9:00 AM PDT and will last until July 24. During this phase, a one-year registration of a .tech at A rates will cost $307.99.

Next, comes the Landrush phase, which will fall between August 2 and August 5, during which time a .tech will run you $199.99.

Finally, on Wednesday August 5 at 9:00 AM PDT, we will enter a new era as .tech enters the GoLive phase and, here’s the most startling prediction of all: when it enters GoLive, .tech will be available at more than 60% off, so will only be $19.99 for the first year at A rates (versus $60.79 normally) until October 5.*

Remember, the Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Contact our corporate support team if you have a TMCH-registered trademark (or would like help registering your existing trademark at TMCH) in order to register one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise. If you are not among the trademarked, you can still pre-register for the Landrush or GoLive phases. We’ll submit your order at the earliest possible moment – as soon as your chosen phase begins – for the best chance of success.


* Updated June 22. Originally, we were only able to secure 50% off; now we’re happy to have secured 60%+ off for this extension!

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