GoLive: .design, for better or for worse

We live in a world of design. It saturates our daily existence and influences us in subtle ways, sometimes subconsciously. Consider how much thought has been put into your experience just walking down the street! The width of the sidewalk and the road was a design choice, the traffic control systems were designed, the names and logos of the stores and businesses you pass are designed and the products being sold or worked on inside are carefully designed.

The clothes on the people who walk past you were made by fashion designers. Take out your smartphone, a product of as much design as engineering, and use an app, also designed, to find the nearest art supply store where you can buy the tools to draft your own design. Now that’s meta.

We’ll have you know that we’re sober enough to resist the urge to rant right here about all the BAD DESIGN in the world. If you ever meet us in real life, on the other hand… man oh man, do we ever have thoughts to share on that topic.

Anyway, .design has entered the GoLive phase. A one-year registration of a domain under this extension will cost $62.36 at A rates.


Register a .design?