Oh the possibilities with a .bingo, .chat, .one, .style, .tennis domain

For today’s GoLive, to activate your creativity we’ve composed a non-proprietary phrasal “ad lib” template game. You fill in the blanks. Here goes:

Five new (adjective) gTLDs are (-ing verb) the GoLive phase.

First, .bingo isn’t just the (noun) before the meat raffle. There’s all kinds of (adjective) .bingo domains you could register: make .bingo for televised (adjective) debates like (political party).bingo, .bingo for trashy (genre) films like (adjective)-film.bingo, or .bingo for farmers’ dogs. Really, you don’t have to stick with the (adjective) B12, I21, N35, G50, and O75 thing.

Next, .chat is also more flexible than it seems. Bring back (elected official)‘s legendary (noun)side chats in the Internet age or advertise your (commodity) store in (adjective) Chats, California. Did you know the (language) word for cat is also chat?

Then, .one is the loneliest gTLD entering the GoLive phase today, but we’re (adverb) sure you can keep it company. After all, it only takes one (singular noun) to (verb) a (noun)! Take (adjective).one, for example.

Do things (adjective) style with a .style domain, celebrate the (adjective) style of music or the literary style of (author).

Finally, our (superlative adjective) new gTLD: .tennis. With tennis shoes and tennis (plural noun) and tennis (sportswear), .tennis offers (adjective) possibilities.

Well, that’s our non-proprietary phrasal template game.

The list is below, accompanied by the corresponding GoLive prices of a one-year registration, all at A rates:

  • .bingo: $63.02
  • .chat: $38.33
  • .one: $12.69
  • .style: $38.33
  • .tennis: $63.02

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?: