New gTLDs are entering Sunrise: .taxi, .theater, .dog, .run, .hockey

Sometimes we forget to remove our faces from a screen of one kind or another: the computer screens at work and at home or the smartphone screens in between. We tend not to unplug and enjoy things which we have just learned exist outside of the digital world. The gTLDs entering the Sunrise phase today are all things we thought the tech age had eliminated: .taxi, .theater, .dog, .run, .hockey.

These are the things we thought were disappearing but it turns out some people who have this “balance” thing in their lives still enjoy them! Who knew?

For example, we recently found out about these yellow cars that you can flag down with your hand if your phone runs out of batteries. It turns out, they’ve been around for years! They’re called “taxis” and you can help keep this tradition alive by registering your very own .taxi domain.

Also, sometimes actors don’t perform for an empty set with a green screen. Believe it or not, they traditionally work in something called the “theater,” which is an old Greek invention (like the guys in 300). If you knew that already, smartypants, you’re just the type who would be interested in this new .theater gTLD.

Then, the nice thing about Sparky, our first robo dog, was that she had an off switch. When we got tired of playing we could just switch her off and she would sleep for months on end sometimes (sadly, she had to be put down when we tried to give her a bath). It turns out that the kind that slobber and chew bones and give kisses and beg for treats with those sad, sad, eyes are still the preferred variety. If you’re one of those lovers of living, breathing, canines, a .dog domain could be right for you.

We’ve been trying to figure out for minutes now how to hack this workout app because apparently some people enjoy the feeling of running until their legs feel like jelly. But since all our friends have been posting their runs on social media, we didn’t want to be left out. Anyway, if you’re one of the crazy aerobic addicts, .run is for you.

Finally, we recently found out from a friend that back home in the Great White North, her compatriots invented this game called “hockey” and kids actually go outside during the winter in below-zero temperatures and slide around on ice to do it. We’re not sure if your hair has to be feathered to participate, but if this kind of thing sounds like fun to you, then a .hockey domain might do the trick. Buy three and call it a hat trick.

See the list below of prices for these domains for a one-year registration, all at A rates:

  • .taxi: $176.23 | $197.83 | $68.09
  • .theater: $176.23 | $197.83 | $68.09
  • .dog: $162.19 | $183.79 | $41.41
  • .run: $154.63 | $176.23 | $27.05
  • .hockey: $176.23 | $197.83 | $68.09

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?: