Updates and releases

Now introducing: .taipei

It really feels like more than a coincidence that the official opening of our Gandi Asia offices in Taipei corresponds with the release of the new gTLD .taipei. Maybe the gTLD spirits are smiling on us. We’re not superstitious, but we think it means things will go well for us in Taipei.

And if things are already going well for you in Taipei, .taipei is currently in Sunrise, though it’s not the traditional Sunrise we’re used to seeing for most gTLDs.

Here’s how it will go:

June 16 through July 6: Individuals and registered companies located in the city of Taipei (or New Taipei) who own a trademark registered with the government of Taiwan can register that trademark for a .taipei.

July 7 through July 17: The same qualifications as above, but your trademark doesn’t necessarily have to be registered specifically with the government of Taiwan, but any trademark protection institution.

As a result of the peculiar way this Sunrise phase is rolling out, if you’re interested in taking advantage of this phase, you’ll need to contact our Customer Care team so we can check with the registry. As long as everything checks out, you would be invoiced for $69.00 (or 2100TWD).

You will also need to credit your prepaid account the amount due for our Customer Care team to process the order.

Here’s to new beginnings in Taipei!

Register a .taipei?