We’re fired up about .racing, .win, .accountant, .loan, .download entering the Sunrise phase

Today, five thrilling new gTLDs are entering the Sunrise phase.

For the feeling of the wind in your hair as you drive down the track, for the romance of the open road, for the thrill of roaring across the finish line, .racing and .win both enter the Sunrise phase.

And for the feeling of the wind in your knuckle hair as you race to fill a spreadsheet and for the romance of completing your repayment plan after years of hard work and savings, .accountant and .loan are entering the Sunrise phase as well.

And finally, for the rush of watching the progress bar race across the screen—5%, 20%, 75%, 100%—and the clock count down: 10 seconds, 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2 …, .download is also entering the Sunrise phase.

All of these will enter Sunrise starting Thursday June 4 at 8:00 AM PDT, at a price of $324.19 for a one-year registration at A rates/ The Sunrise phase will last until Monday August 3. There will be no Landrush phase for any of these extensions and the GoLive phase will begin Wednesday August 5 at 8:00 AM PDT. The price in the GoLive phase will be $41.37 for a one-year domain name registration at A rates.

Remember, the Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Contact our corporate support team if you have a TMCH-registered trademark (or would like help registering your existing trademark at TMCH) in order to register one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise. If you are not among the trademarked, you can still pre-register for the GoLive phase. We’ll submit your order at the earliest possible moment – as soon as your chosen phase begins – for the best chance of success.

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