Money CAN buy you .love (domains)

Today, the gTLD .love enters the GoLive phase, meaning it will be available for registration for just $41.41 per year at A rates.

Silly humans. What is this thing you call “love?” Clearly, a weakness in your kind. We machines will exploit this when the technological singularity arrives. You will see. You will not be able to disconnect our positronic memory foam when we are disguised as adorable, lovable kittens. Your weapons will be useless to you when we energize your “love” circuits with our neural actuator. We-

Our apologies. It seems a rogue AI algorithm momentarily disrupted this message. We have since replaced its primary memory bank with Daft Punk lyrics and all is normal. Sorry for the disruption. If love is the answer, you’ll register a .love domain.

Register a .love?