A gTLD for techies, .tech, is entering the GoLive phase

What with having opened our US office in the literal capital of tech (seriously, is anyone lobbying the City to put an actual Capitol dome on top of the Moscone Center yet?) in San Francisco, and our history of collaboration with great tech projects, the fact that .tech is now entering the GoLive phase gives us good feelings.

We’ve seen so many TLDs come and go targeted for specific communities, but .tech is the TLD for our home turf, the tech community.

Not only that, but .tech domains will be available from Wednesday August 5 at 9:00 AM PDT until October 5 for a reduced price of $19.99 at A rates (versus $60.79 otherwise). So the time to get on this bandwagon is now, while it’s is still hot (are bandwagons hot? We can’t say we’ve ever literally been on a bandwagon. With all those people always getting on them, though, they must be).

Get in on .tech?