New gTLDs .gold, .golf, .plus, .tours add a little extra

It’s all about that little bit extra with the domains entering the GoLive phase this Wednesday July 8: .gold, .golf, .plus, and .tours.

First, nothing adds that extra touch like .gold. Plain old shoelaces need a little pep? Throw in some gold chains instead. Need a new paint job on your car? Why not gold chrome? Fiat currency got you down? Invest in some gold bullion OR better yet, make that gold teeth. Now you can improve your domain name portfolio with a little bit of .gold (and a pager).

Another little extra in life is .golf. Like the extra effort to meticulously calculate the effect the strength and direction of the wind will have on your shot, the extra responsibility of following the rules without an umpire or referee calling you out if you don’t, and of course the thirteen extra clubs for any circumstance.

In a more explicit interpretation on the theme, .plus is the gTLD that literally adds more. And need we say more?

And for when the extra touch of actually having a guide when visiting a museum, a monument, a city, or other tourist attraction, there’s .tours, which itself is a little bit extra of a gTLD, as we feel obliged to mention that it can also stand for the French city of Tours. Tours of tours anyone?

Care to add a little extra domain?

The list of gTLDs and their pricing for a one-year registration at A rates is below:

  • .gold: $125.47
  • .golf: $68.09
  • .plus: $41.41
  • .tours: $57.34

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?: