Winter is coming, as they say, and so is .ski

After the recent release of .tirol, another new gTLD has entered the Sunrise phase to remind us in the middle of summer to be ready for winter: .ski.

But with its release in the Sunrise phase so close to July 4th, we’re more inclined to think of how great this extension would be for honoring Polish-American Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski than snowy mountains (though we would be remiss not to mention waterskiing). And of course, Pulaski isn’t the only Polish name ending in .ski, so the field is open for all the Kowalskis, Kaminskis, Wisniewskis, Jankowskis of the world.

Bonus points for any -skis with a ski shop, or chalet.

The .ski extension will be in the Sunrise phase from July 1 until August 30 and a two-year registration at A rates will cost $172.99.

At the same time, an LRP (Limited Registration Period) Landrush reserved for winter sports professionals affiliated with organizations registered with the .ski registry (see here). The price for a two-year registration in this LRP Landrush phase will be $114.19 at A rates.

Finally, .ski enters the GoLive phase on September 8, at which point it will be available for a one-year registration for $48.31 at A rates.

Register a .ski?