A new gTLD for a new era in US sports: .soccer is entering GoLive

Our memories of soccer are of shin guards under tube socks with velcro elastic straps digging into our calves, sucking on orange slices at half time and of course running, running, running in cleats, kicking up little bullets of dirt, chasing the ball down the flat, green pitch.

The rest of the world just calls it football, and in most places it’s by far the most popular sport. Pick-up games are played from the dust of the Sahara to asphalt 9,000 feet above sea level in the Andes and everywhere in between.

But in North America we have a unique relationship with .soccer. For the longest time, it was something of a punchline, a silly thing that they do in other parts of the world but that doesn’t compare to real football.

However, it seems it’s is really making in-roads around here, so we have high hopes for the future of the sport in the land where we call it soccer. That’s why we’re excited that .soccer is entering the GoLive phase today. Domains under this extension will be available for $27.05 a year at A rates.

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