Updates and releases

Free disk space for your instances

For the entire month of August, if you create an instance with a 12-month commitment, you can benefit from 10GB of additional free disk space.

How? Easy! When you launch your creation order with an annual commitment, add an additional 10 GB of disk space (for 20GB in total, or an additional €21.60 excl. VAT per year under A rates), and when you go to checkout, enter the code “10GFREE” when asked for the “promo code”, validate it, and then smile!

Also, and for customers that already have an instance but who would like to have more storage space, use the promo code “10G50P” and you can have the possibility of adding 10GB of additional disk quota for half off the normal price, or €0.90 excl. VAT per month instead of €1.80 excl. VAT under A rates.