New gTLDs .taxi .theater are now entering the GoLive phase

It was already last October when .nyc entered the GoLive phase, but it was reserved for individuals, organizations, and businesses with an address in one of the five boroughs. For those who don’t meet those qualifications, a couple of new gTLDs are entering the GoLive phase that have us dreaming of the tough and romantic city of New York.

Sure, these days New York is better known for the touristy garishness of Times Square or hipster coffee shops in Brooklyn, but we’re still dreaming of the New York stirred by the sweeping strings of Gerswhin, still a town that exists in black-and-white like in old movies, the New York of Shakespeare in the park, and fireworks over Manhattan.

Today’s GoLive has us dreaming of that old romantic New York, with .taxi, (as much a symbol of classic New York as the Chrysler building) reminding us of streets packed with yellow cars, and .theater, reminding us of a city always humming with the creative buzz both on and off Broadway.

You can pick up a .taxi for $68.09 (less than a fare from mid-town, most days), and a .theater for the same $68.09, at A rates.

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