Now in Landrush 2: .taipei

A few weeks ago we announced the the Sunrise phases for .taipei, feeling as though it was a good omen for our new ventures in Taipei.

Time has flown and the first  Landrush phase is now already closed, and the second Landrush phase is set to begin August 6 and end August 14.

We wanted to clarify that when we predict three more Landrush phases, we were not forecasting a landslide. As earth-shaking as this announcement is, we know, there’s no evidence that it relates in any way to seismic activity in the San Francisco Bay Area, or for that matter, in Taipei itself.

There are also two more Landrush phases after that:

Landrush 3 (August 18 – August 26)
Landrush 4 (August 27 – September 2)

Authorities are advising that the public remain calm and hold out until the GoLive phase on September 9.

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