Sunrise for the .game extension

It’s tempting to think that .game is for those who don’t take life seriously, who see everything as a game, but then we challenge you to think about all the people you know who might be interested in this extension and you’ll soon realize that no, .game is serious business. Especially during the Sunrise phase. This phase is for those who hold trademarked names, and who filed TMCH claims that might apply to this extension. That’s pretty serious planning, there.  Add to that the fact that these domains will be priced at $349.03 per year at A rates in the Sunrise phase, and you can tell, this is for those who make games their serious business.

For those of you who take games a little less seriously, maybe you’ll have to hold off until this extension enters the GoLive phase on October 7 (there will be no Landrush), when it will be available for a significantly less serious $47.57 per year.


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