Five new extensions—.racing, .win, .download, .loan, .accountant—are speeding into GoLive

Don’t miss out on this handful of domains entering GoLive now. These skipped right over the Landrush phase on their way to GoLive.

We suppose .racing and .win were in too much of a hurry to Landrush, being hasty creatures themselves, and certainly we prefer faster .download speeds to slow ones but a quick .loan? A hurried .accountant? The financial wisdom our parents at least attempted to bequeath us screams in protest!

But then we realized: by skipping Landrush, all the good domains that didn’t have a trademark are all still available in these extensions. That’s not reckless accounting, that’s a wizard .accountant. And a quick .loan? Better than needing a loan to get one …

Each of these gTLDs will be available now at A rates for $41.37 per year.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?: