Updates and releases

New Linux kernels (3.12.45 and 3.18) on HVM platform, end of AUFS support

We have updated Linux kernel 3.12 (now 3.12.45) and published a new version (3.18) on our HVM platform. These new versions no longer support AUFS and might force some clients to take corrective measures for their services.

Starting today, every server that is created or rebooted on our HVM platform will automatically use version 3.12.45 of the Linux kernel, unless configured to use version 3.18 or a custom kernel.

Please note that these kernel versions do not include AUFS support. Docker users should take special notice, because AUFS has been the default storage driver for quite some time.

To continue to use Docker with this new kernel version, users must upgrade their docker client and images to use a different storage driver, such as btrfs or overlayfs (available for kernel version 3.18 only).

To use version 3.18, you can execute following Gandi CLI [4] command:

$ gandi disk update  --kernel "3.18-x86_64 (hvm)"

You can also change the kernel from the web interface by following these instructions [3].

After the operation is completed, make sure you reboot your server and update your software packages and kernel modules [1].

Clients wishing to use a custom kernel can access more information on our Wiki page [2]. You can also access more information
about kernel update history on our Changelog [5]

[1] http://wiki.gandi.net/iaas/references/server/kernel_modules

[2] https://wiki.gandi.net/fr/iaas/references/server/hvm

[3] http://wiki.gandi.net/en/iaas/references/disk/advanced-boot

[4] https://cli.gandi.net

[5] https://wiki.gandi.net/fr/iaas/references/server/kernel_changelog?&#section312