A new gTLD for .amsterdam enters the GoLive phase

For some reason the Dutch seem to have a one-up on us in everything. Bicycling is ubiquitous and safe in the Netherlands. Along with bikes, windmills and canals are leading the country in being green. And speaking of green, of course, the Netherlands are also famous for their drug policy. And the crown jewel of it all is Amsterdam, with its colorful and whimsical canal-side houses and an honestly awesome-looking flag (seriously, look it up).

Now we feel like they have a one-up on us yet again with a cool new gTLD. Though last month, we celebrated the romance of New Amsterdam, now it’s time for the Old World charm of .amsterdam, now available in the GoLive phase for $57.37 per year at A rates. We’re tempted to make a joke about bieng like the little Dutch boy holding back the flood of registrations but .amsterdam is really just too cool for that.

Register a .amsterdam?