Aaaaand ACTION .film enters GoLive

If eighty-seven Oscar award ceremonies have taught us anything, it’s that movies are a magical medium that fill us with wonder, transport us to new worlds, and tell us who we are.

And now, if you’re one of the people contributing to self-congratulatory .film reels at awards ceremonies, a new gTLD just for you is now entering the GoLive phase: .film.

While the GoLive phase normally corresponds to general availability, in the case of .film, there are still restrictions: namely, you must either be a member of an association, body, or union approved by the .film registry or you need to hold the rights to a film title being used as a .film domain name.

Domains in the .film extension will be available for $118.99 per year at A rates starting October 6th, 2015 at 9:00 AM PDT. So quiet on the set aaaaand ACTION!

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