Celebrate one year .nyc style

If you grew up there, every other city feels like a town. If you didn’t, but live there now it’s because you’ve always felt that magnetic pull.

It’s hard to believe that it was already a year ago (and only a year ago) that .nyc launched, but now as a kind of celebration of that first year anniversary, .nyc is offering up some 16,674 previously restricted domains (due to name collision) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

And what are these domains? For one, almost any three-digit number (not 212.nyc, though, sorry), a lot of first names .nyc (like alejandro.nyc or whitney.nyc), and, in true New York spirit, a whole lot of randoms (like xvvfgixsmk.nyc or gq9aogkkh0erpz4dttzktqbzra5xpe.nyc).

This extension is limited to individuals or organizations with their addresses in one of the five boroughs.

But keep in mind: 16,674 isn’t even enough to cover the number of people moving to Brooklyn per year, so better act quickly before the hipsters buy them all up and start putting record shops and yarn murals up on them. Some of them seem like gibberish, but you know hipsters will think that’s so unique and authentic, not to mention a few that are likely to be pretty high-value, hipster potential aside.

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