Now in the GoLive phase: .miami

With .miami now entering the GoLive phase October 2, 2015, we’d like to pitch you our crime procedural we’ve been working on. Imagine, now, you’re transported to a place where every interior shot is bathed in an orange glow, as though the sun were perpetually setting, where every exterior shot is ridiculously overexposed, and where “science” means examining various colored liquids in test tubes.

A strawberry-blond detective in aviator sunglasses confidently strides across the sun-drenched parking lot of the marina.

“What have we got here, Frank?” he asks disinterestedly, taking his sunglasses off and squatting down next to him as Frank zipped the body bag.

“Victim is a 35-year-old female, tourist from Wisconsin, multiple–“

“I heard the report already, Frank,” says the detective, not wanting his partner to delve into the gory details he had already heard over the radio on the car ride over, “Any leads?”

“Friends say she came down to catch some sun, drink mojitos, register some gTLDs,” Frank says in a tone somewhere between tough-love and outright judgement.

“Well it looks like …” the pink-faced, strawberry-blond detective says, putting his sunglasses back on, “… she should have registered her domain … in .miami …”

[Queue theme song, opening credits]

We kid, but this extension is for all things great about Miami, which is a lot more than what you see on TV. In the GoLive phase, .miami domains are available for $24.99 a year at A rates.

Register a .miami?