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Carpe diem and get a .com for 50%-off

We were disappointed to realize on Wednesday that with the coming (and going) of the Autumnal Equinox, summer is officially over. Summer, like phone batteries, sleep, weekends, and our rapidly fading youth, is one of those things that just doesn’t last long enough.

That’s why we’re resolving now to seize the day. We’ll run around in the sunshine while the warm weather lasts, call our moms and tether simultaneously before our phone batteries die, sleep in and turn off the alarm tomorrow, and party all night Saturday and then get day-drunk on Sunday to make the most our weekends.

And in the spirit of carpe diem, while the glorious month of September still holds out, we’re offering a promotion you won’t want to let slide through your fingers like the slippery sands of time: .com domains will be available for 50% off—that’s $7.75 per year versus the regular $15.50 at A rates—from September 28* until 2:59 pm PDT on September 30, 2015 (the last minute of the month in Paris).

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a .com domain, seize the day today. Summer may be over, your phone may be dead, the weekend gone, and your youth pitifully wasted on anxiety and regret but while September is still here, so is this deal.

* Corrected 9/30/15 to clarify this promotion began September 28.

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