Updates and releases

Now available at Gandi: .wang and .我爱你

Gandi is now offering two new gTLDs that are specifically related to Chinese-speakers. These extensions have been around for a while now and we’re proud to be able to start offering them now.

English speakers may be familiar with .wang because it’s the last name of more than 100 million people of Chinese descent around the world. It’s also one of the top 500 surnames in the US. But .wang isn’t just for them.

Depending on how you spell it in the Chinese alphabet, .wang also means “web” or “net,” which means saying “.wang” means almost the same as .com or .net in Chinese. In this sense, it can signify a company’s online portal. Our site could be called, then, Gandi-wang. But the word is also used for online communities, networks, and other Internet-related terms, making its other meaning, king, that much more appropriate. Wang is king. And we will be offering domains in this extension for $14.73 a year at A rates.

As for .我爱你, these characters translate to “I love you,” this is perfect for the opening of the new UN session on Monday September 21, dubbed by resolution in 1981 the International Day of Peace. Here’s hoping assembled delegates can find it within themselves to say “我爱你.” Let’s be realistic, that probably won’t happen this year. But you can still register a .我爱你 for $45.51 a year at A rates to show the world that at least you love it.

Register a .wang or a .我爱你?