Press-stopping renewal prices for .press, .host

“STOP THE PRESSES!” shouted probably actually no one ever. But we always really wanted to run into a print room and yell that and then somebody would slam on a big red button and there would be this “awoooga” sound, a red strobe would flash, and the paper would start bunching up and gumming up the inexplicably complex system of pulleys guiding it along. All just to correct a typo.

Now, we can only elicit a sad mix of judgmental and concerned looks from the other coffeeshop patrons (French press anyone?) whenever we find a typo in the blog post we just published and yell “Stop the presses!” as we click the “Unpublish” button.

But if you’re like us and in your longing for those days when realizing you typed “acheive” used to cost thousands of dollars in paper-jam repair fees, you bought a .press domain, the promo on renewals between one and nine years starting September 10, 2015 and running until December 31, 2015 is for you. Renewals of .press domains will only run you $44.99 per year (normally $94.97 at A rates).

And the same promotion applies for renewals of .host, the TLD for web hosts, data centers, and IAAS providers (also ideal for caterers, emcees, thin papery wafers, and parasite enthusiasts). Renewals of .host domains until the end of the year will be only $34.99 per year (normally $124.93 at A rates)

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